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Typical logging road and ruffed grouse cover

hunting the north maine woods

Hunting Ruffed Grouse in the Great State of Maine is a lot different than pursuing them in other parts of New England.  When I first started hunting Ruffed Grouse as a boy in NJ, it was almost impossible to do with a dog.  The birds were extremely skittish and wouldn't hold long enough to get close enough to get a shot off.


It's a much different story here in Northern Maine.  The birds in our area are known for how long they hold before flushing for a dog or walking grouse hunter. Dogs are definitely optional.  Many hunters simply drive the gravel logging roads looking for unknowing birds in the road, along side of it or even in a tree.  This approach is often affectionately referred to as "heater huntin'".  It's a very productive method and allows for many miles to be covered. 

Combine some road driving with the occasional walk on foot and your productivity rate is sure to go up.  It's common to see a good cover or even an old skidder trail and get out of the truck and walk for a bit.  Again, dogs are optional.  However, if you do have some good bird dogs, this method can be even more productive.

<<< Typical logging road you will see plenty of on a Northern Maine grouse hunt.

Scenes from a maine upland hunt

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